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Clean Yoga Mats

November 23, 2009

It’s important to keep your mats clean especially when you don’t use a towel over your mat.

I’ve used the advice of some of these sites.

Love to know – Their cleaning instructions are nice and detailed.  I like using baking soda as an added ingredient to the soap.  However, I read somewhere that using soap isn’t really good for your mat. 😦

yoga journal – I like their advice on using a big fluffy towel to dry off the mat instead of hanging it out straight.

I used to do an intensive cleaning of my mat every week.  That didn’t help my mat since it got worn out fast. 😦  Good thing I met Monica of Dharma and Indigo Baby.  She introduced to me her product, yoga mat spray.  It’s awesome!

Yoga Mat Spray 300ml bottles

I personally use Dharma’s Yoga Mat Spray.  I like the fact that’s it’s handy and all natural.  You can keep it in your yoga bag and just spray on your mat before and after your practice.  I don’t have to worry about harmful ingredients while I have my bare skin on the mat.  After practice,  I spray a more generous amount and wipe it off with my towel.  This way the sweat and dirt doesn’t accumulate.  I have the bigger bottle since I use this on the studio/shala mats too.

If you’re interested in buying a bottle for yourself, I sell SOLSTICE (lavender) and WINTER SOLSTICE (peppermint) Yoga Mat Spray (100ml) in my shala for P220.

Remember to keep your mats clean to have a healthy practice. 🙂



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