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August 18, 2011

Hi everyone! We have a new website. Please visit at 🙂 This website will no longer be updated. 🙂



Pleasant Surprise

May 12, 2011

I didn’t even know the our space was included in an article at until an inquirer mentioned it. Thank you!

Here is the link of the article.

Schedule Change and Interruptions

April 18, 2011

From April 18-21 the schedule follows:
Monday and Wednesday:
9am Led Ashtanga
4pm Yin yoga
6pm Vinyasa yoga
8pm Led Ashtanga

Tuesday and Thursday:
9am Led Ashtanga

The shala will be closed from April 22-May 2 since I will be in another Yin Yoga Teacher Training. 🙂 See you when I get back.


Birthday Yoga

April 13, 2011

I wanted to give something back as a thanks giving for all the blessings I received throughout my life.  What better way to celebrate my birthday than with a free class.  It was short notice.  I only announced at the Facebook group page 3 days before the event.  That’s when the idea popped up. 😛

Thank you to all who attended this free vinyasa class. 🙂  Special thanks to the husbands/boyfriends who were dragged by their women to attend.  You guys were awesome!  Here are the pictures of the day. Enjoy!

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Talikwas at Ekāgratā Śālā

April 3, 2011

Last March 27, 2011 Lucia Misa had a Talikwas workshop in our shala.

Talikwas – Philippine word for unfolding from within, from inside-out. An intimate exploration into primordial energy that underlies all of creation through relaxed breathing, movement, visualization and sounding. Once the source is tapped, the body can move naturally, fluid and graceful, yet powerful and balanced. – Lucia Misa

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Pictures are from Dona Esteban who orchestrated this whole event. 🙂  Thank you Dona. 🙂

I loved Lucia’s workshop simply because I discovered a “softer” way of executing several of the “hard” poses in Ashtanga.  Then at the end of the workshop while everyone was enjoying Dona’s Chai and Vegan Chocolate Cake to celebrate her birthday, Lucia “Ciay” read an excerpt of her book to us. 🙂

This picture below shows how chill and fun the workshop was. That’s me laughing as Ciay softens my ashtangi belly.  David at the left, curiously watching something. Edwina at the right animatedly saying something to Rafa who is breathing into a bridge.  Bri at the foreground, sedately watching the on goings of the class.

Thank you to Lucia and Dona for bringing this event to us.  Thank you to all the participants for sharing your energy and encouragements. 🙂

December 31, 2010 Free Yin Yoga Class

March 30, 2011

Hehe. I know it’s a late post.  There was a free Yin Yoga Class held last December 31, 2010.  It was my way of saying “Thanks for a good year!” 🙂  Enjoy the slide show of the class. 🙂

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Thank you for joining guys! 🙂 Namaste.

Talikwas Yoga – Unfolding from within yoga workshop

March 15, 2011

Good news! My friend and her teacher are bringing a workshop to my studio on March 27 (Sunday)!  Here is the poster.

This looks like a very interesting workshop.  I hope you can join us.  Contact Dona at 09178474168 or 2157876 to reserve your slot. 🙂  It is limited so please reserve with Dona. 🙂